High Five for Friday 8.31.12

Time for a sporadic post! I’ve got to figure out a schedule for this blog. But it’s FRIDAY!!! So here’s the fun parts of this week.

1. I’m loving SAO recruitment. I’ve started to get to know some of the amazing girls coming as potential new members, and the whole process has also brought me closer to my sisters. I’m so very thankful for the sisterhood I’ve found through SAO.

2. I was so insanely productive this week. I sat in the dining hall a couple of days when I got out of class or off work, and I got so much done. I hope I can keep up this productivity streak even after I start my internship.

3. I went to Snelling (UGA’s 24 hour dining hall) last night intending to stay only for a few minutes, but a couple of friends found me and we talked about Jesus and I laughed until my stomach hurt. It was a rough day followed by the best night possible. I’m so thankful for friends.

4. Found these on some letters at work today. The fact that they exist makes me quite happy.

5. FOOTBALL. STARTS. TOMORROW. I’m so excited to scream my face off in support of my Dawgs. Time to tee it up between the hedges! SIC ‘EM! Also, I found out on the radio this morning that RUSS IS GOING TO BE AN UGA!!! He’s being promoted and he’ll be named Uga IX on September 15th. I just love Russ, but I could be a bit biased… 😉


High Five for Friday 8.10.12

Well, it’s been a chaotic, but productive week! I definitely have several highlights 🙂

1. Sunday and Monday morning I had housing training for my job in the Myers office. Training itself was okay, but I was so happy to see familiar UGA faces again! Ben decided we should have matching temporary tattoos…

2. I moved into my new home away from home on Monday! I’ve been unpacking and getting settled in all week, and I think I’m almost done. We painted our living room, so that will all come together soon, too!

3. Cali ‘n’ Tito’s. Two Story. Your Pie. I’m so thankful for the food I can eat in Athens.

4. Speaking of food, the newly renovated O House opened yesterday, and I went twice. IT’S SO NICE. It might even be my favorite dining hall now. I of course saw several people that I know while I was there, and that made me indescribably happy. Last night at dinner, Carlota and I met a pretty cool guy named Sam who just got home from studying abroad in Spain. Since all three of us at the table knew Spanish, we spoke all in Spanish and it turned out to be a really fun dinner time. I love making new friends 🙂

5. So tonight there’s a Phi Slam (Christian, alcohol-free) party, and it’s IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD! I’m sure I’ll run into people I know there, and it’s definitely a plus that I can walk there instead of dealing with the hassle of driving. I’m quite excited– first fun outing of the year!


High Five for Friday 8.3.12

Even though it’s technically Saturday morning, I’ll still consider this to be Friday. It’s been quite action packed, just like the rest of the week!

1. Yet again, I got to catch up with so many people from home this week. I’ve seen friends who have been scattered all over the place for most of the summer, and I also visited with my favorite teacher from high school and her family. I may get annoyed with it sometimes, but I guess the HCo will always be my home…

2. On Thursday I had a really productive day. I ran some errands and took care of things that needed to get done before I head back to Athens. Productivity and efficiency just makes me happy.

3. I GOT TO SEE VICTORIA TODAY. We went to Ikea and talked about life, and shopped of course. We’re on the same continent, in the same state, and today we were in the same store. And in a week we’ll be at the same school again. EXCITED!

4. I went to the Braves game with my family tonight! Love me some baseball. It was a good last celebration before school gets started up again. It was Star Wars night at Turner Field, and that of course only added to the entertainment of the evening. AND there were intense fireworks after the game. I’d call that a successful evening in the ATL.


5. After the aforementioned Braves game, we were stuck in the parking lot for quite some time. For those who don’t know, I write music from time to time. Although I’m not really that good at it, I did put my limited skills to good use while we were waiting. This could easily be the overall highlight of my week solely because we laughed until we cried while writing it. Click here to watch our performance inspired by rain and a parking lot, entitled “Drowned Rats.” Enjoy!


High Five for… Monday! 7.30.12

Well, I obviously missed High Five for Friday last week, but it’s only Monday, so I don’t think it’s too late to celebrate the high points of the past week– plus a few days… just go with it 🙂

1. I voted last week! It made me feel like an adult. I can’t decide if I like that feeling or not. But after I voted I spent a relaxing day with my grandparents. I made strawberry fig preserves with my Grammy! I love going to their house when I have time to just chill out and be with them.

2. I made an A in my summer biology class! WOO HOO! I couldn’t help but be excited when I found out! Grady, here comes a new Public Relations major (hopefully)! Can’t wait!

3. I’ve had the opportunity to see and catch up with numerous friends here in Henry County and from GHP over the past week. I went to band camp Thursday night and got to see the marching band’s progress so far with their fundamentals and drill, and it was also wonderful to see all those who were underclassmen when I graduated as they’ve risen up and become leaders. It just goes to show that I may leave the marching band, but it’ll never really leave me. I’ll always be thankful for that experience, the friends it brought me to, and the things it taught me.

4. I’ve been doing a few little projects for room decorations, and today I conquered some DIY framing! The Nashville print’s frame is a cool little floating frame that I found on sale at Michael’s this weekend. I bought the two big frames and a whole 32 x 40 sheet of matte today at Hobby Lobby, and I cut the matte myself to frame my Opry posters. Not too shabby for DIY if I do say so myself! Can’t wait to put all this swag in my new room/our new place in Athens, which we’ll move into (continued in number 5)…


5. … IN LESS THAN A WEEK! Sweet! I think all of the details are falling into place (or will be soon), and pretty soon we’ll be moved in and ready to start a brand new year!


I didn’t plan this.

I didn’t plan to go to UGA. I wanted to go to an out of state school that I couldn’t afford. But God wanted me at the University of Georgia.

When I got there, I didn’t plan to join any groups or organizations. I wanted to lay low and have time to breathe after practically killing myself to stand out in high school. But God had just the group that he wanted me to join.

I didn’t plan to let anyone into my inner self. I didn’t want to trust anyone with my struggles and emotions. I wanted to appear to everyone else as a happy person who had her whole life together and knew exactly what she was doing. But God knew just the people to send into my life to break down walls and teach me how to trust again.

I didn’t plan to give up on my dream of having a packed resume at the end of my freshman year. I wanted to have as many titles and positions as I could so maybe I’d have a chance at impressing a future employer over the summer. But God closed every single door that he didn’t want me to walk through.

I didn’t plan to work on a student government campaign. That was the last place I EVER imagined myself, and in fact, I was hesitant to get involved. But God knew what I would learn from that experience. God knew it would change my life. And God knew exactly who he was placing in my path when he put me on that team.

I didn’t plan to spend this summer taking an online class at home. I wanted to be working a glamorous internship. But God knew I needed to slow down and take time to appreciate the people I have in my life.

I didn’t plan to start going to church while I was home again. What would be the point of that? I’ll only be here sporadically because I live in Athens most of the time now. But God knew exactly what I needed to hear.

I didn’t plan on my heart being reignited with an overwhelming desire to use my Spanish to reach out to native Spanish speakers in our country and abroad. I thought that calling was dead. I didn’t plan on listening to several missionaries speak on how much they needed help in their ministries in Spanish-speaking countries. I didn’t plan on feeling a call to reach out to the Hispanic community of Athens. I didn’t plan on doing anything whatsoever with that skill after I graduated college. But God knew I needed some way to work for the sake of His kingdom.

I didn’t plan to give up the reigns on my life. I wanted to be in control. I fought God, and I planned to be just fine on my own.

But plans change.

And here I am.

In the middle of God’s plan.

High Five for Friday 7.20.12

It’s been a while, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pick right back up and celebrate FRIDAY!!!

1. By the time this post is published, I’ll be DONE with my summer biology class!!! I will take GREAT pleasure in crossing “Biology” off my WorkFlowy! This also means I’ll never ever have to take another science class again! EVER! Here’s how I feel about that:

2. I had a successful Cow Appreciation Day 2012 last Friday! I made it to nine different Chick-fil-A stores! I ended my day where my MeeMaw lives, so I went to dinner with her and Hunter and we got to see Amanda at work. Then I spent some time with MeeMaw. We don’t get to do that very often, so I loved every minute 🙂

3. Now that I’ll be free of biology work, I have three weeks to do summer-y things, like hang out with people! And that is exactly what I intend to do. I’ve got plans to meet up with friends from all over the place, and I’m also planning to spend a lot of time at my grandparents’ house because I can.

4. I’m pretty excited to have my own little space in our “house” next year. I’ve bought some things to use in my room and bathroom, and I think with some creativity I can make it into a nice home away from home.

5. I’m missing Nashville. I know that’s where I want to be, and I want to go back and be there now. But I know that God is using this time as a test of my patience, and He’s going to refine me into the person he wants me to be when I get there. The good thing is, I can already see some pieces of that dream falling into place, and I can’t wait to see what God’s plans are as they unfold in my life. Here’s to big dreams and bigger faith!


So, are you forever alone?

Ever seen this guy? He floats around on the web, and finds he’s especially prevalent on the Facebook profiles, Twitter feeds, and Tumblr pages of those who are single.

As you probably know, he’s called the “Forever Alone” guy, and chances are, you’ve had a friend or two who uses him to make a joke about how they can’t seem to find a significant other.

But this little Internet phenomenon has led me to see quite the massive discrepancy between being single and being alone.

Being alone means you have no romantic partner. It also means you have no friends, no family, no acquaintances, no relatively wholesome, healthy relationships in your life at all. Hmm. The last time I checked, I don’t know anyone who is completely and entirely isolated to the point of being 100% alone 24/7/365.

But being single? Being single means you don’t have a romantic partner. Period. The end.

Being single doesn’t mean you don’t have family and friends and satisfying relationships in your life. It doesn’t mean you’ve never made a personal connection in your life. And being single certainly does not mean that no one loves you.

Personally, I’ve been single for a while. I’ll be the first to admit that my self-pitying thoughts get the best of me from time to time, and I have the occasional wallow fest in which I question everything about myself, cry, and read Proverbs 31 and select passages of Jackie Kendall’s Lady In Waiting over and over (and over and over).

But when all is said and done, quite honestly, I’m not at all miserable being single. Why? Because I’ve realized that just because I’m single, that doesn’t mean I’m alone.

In fact, when I really stop and observe my life, I am FAR from being alone. I have a loving family who has always supported and loved me. I have friends who have become life family to me. And let me just be real here– if I weren’t single, I probably wouldn’t have near as much time to devote to all of those incredible relationships that I’ve been blessed with.

I know that the “Forever Alone” guy is not much more than a silly cartoon, but after a while, don’t you think his underlying notion of “I’m alone” will really start to take over the notion of “I’m single but I have people in my life”? When you really stop and consider how much words (and in this case, memes) can influence your perception, you start to see that words can distort your thoughts and direct them toward constant self-pity before you even realize it.

I can tell you one thing, you won’t be seeing the “Forever Alone” guy on any of my social media pages.

I’m too busy being single and blessed!

High Five for Friday 6.29.12 (actually it’s more like High Nine!)

Oh my WORD I’ve been slacking on my H54F posts! I might have to have more than five things just to make up for it. Sheesh.

1. Last week I went to lunch with two different friends I haven’t seen in a while, Christina and Whitney. Christina learned about my not-so-wonderful directional skills, and Whitney and I got to catch up on some lost time.

2. I spent the day in Athens last Thursday taking care of some sorority business, and it was really a wonderful day. I had lunch with a sister, and it was great to kind of get to know her a little better! I of course hung out in Myers hall for a few hours with my MCO people. I also got in SO much reading time because I had a pretty fair amount of downtime in between several different appointments. I went home and had dinner at my Grammy’s house, and that wrapped up a perfect day in my life 🙂

3. Alex and Ellis joined me for a little bit when I Skyped Vica while she was in Russia. It was good catching up with all of them! I miss my best friend, but I can’t wait until next year when we’re together in Athens again!

4. It seems I am now the proud owner of an iPhone! It was my birthday present from my parents, and so far I love it!

I was obviously pretty excited to open it…

5. I got to catch up with Codie and Charles on the phone this past week! Charles was his usual encouraging self, and I hung up feeling really motivated to do something awesome with my summer… and my life. Codie of course had interesting stories as well about his time in Texas. It was good to know I’ve still got my awesome friends even when they’re all over the world. But I won’t lie, I can’t wait until we’re all back in Athens instead of scattered all over the country and the planet 🙂

6. My birthday was AMAZING. Three of my best friends from GHP showed up at my house and completely surprised me. I literally had NO idea they were coming, and I’m sure my reaction was pretty hilarious. They took me to lunch and then we loafed around town. They never fail to make me laugh!

7. I went to the Lady Antebellum concert the night of my birthday and had an awesome time! I made some super awesome signs that I was proud of simply because they took me FOREVER to make, and then I got to the door of the concert and they wouldn’t let me take them in! 😦 So I’m posting pictures of them here so that they’ll live on in their glory, even if not for their original purpose. I went with my parents and Ellis came with me, and we partied it up the whole time. I left there so exhausted just from singing/screaming every word and dancing to every song. But it was definitely the best possible way I could’ve ended an epic birthday.

8. I’M AT THE BEACH. I’ve caught up on so much reading and sleeping and other things I never have time to do. The weather was rainy the first few days we were here, but it gave us some chill time to just relax for a change. So awesome.

9. I started a new blog. What? Why? Well, I love country music, and I love blogging, so I decided to combine the two and hopefully make something worth reading. It’s called Talk Twangy to Me, and I’ve got tons of cool ideas for it!

Happy Friday!!!


High Five for Friday 6.15.12

Glad I remembered to do this 35 minutes before Friday is technically over… oops!

1. Well, the wedding happened! And it was quite a wonderful weekend for all involved. I can’t even believe how blessed I am to have the family and friends that I have. Things may change, but I know they’ll always be there for me, and I’m aware now more than ever of just how much of a blessing they are to me. I wouldn’t be anywhere without my family, and I know some aren’t fortunate enough to be close to their extended family, and that makes me that much more grateful for the closeness in my own family. We’re all so excited to welcome Nick and his family into ours!

There are SO many pictures on my Facebook, but since I had to pick just one to put here, I think this one is appropriate 🙂

2. I’ve done so much musically this week. I’ve spent a lot of quality time with both my guitar and my piano, and I can’t even begin to say how much it helps. Sometimes life is just a little weird, and I had forgotten how sweet it is to get lost in music. It’s also nice to see myself improving… I can almost play barre chords with a decent sound on my guitar. Sweet!

3. I went shopping for some apartment things this week! I got some pillows, and some other random decorations for my room. Moving in with my roomies will make me feel like an adult… yeah that’s weird.

4. Yesterday I went to Starbucks and got a lot of biology work done. Productivity is always a plus. Makes me feel better about myself! That might warrant the #OCDProblems hashtag…

5. Tori and I went to Athens today! She had to take a math placement test, so I tagged along and we had some adventure time after her test. I’ve missed the Classic City, so it was good to be back for the day. I got to see several friends and I also got to go to my favorite place ever, none other than Two Story Coffeehouse! I don’t think coffee has ever tasted so good! I can’t wait to see our many more adventures once T. Riggs is in Athens next year!


A fairly impossible question

If you could do one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I never expected that question, especially not in the context where it arose. And to be honest, I’ve really never thought about it until now.

As I’ve grappled with that question over the past several days, I’ve realized I can’t truly answer it.

During my first year of college, I realized that I have passions and God-given talents that I never knew existed until they were exposed and tested. I had no idea how much I was truly capable of until I was challenged. And half the challenge was trying to go in so many directions at once. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but the past year has taught me that I can’t limit myself to whatever I feel right now or whatever might make the most logical sense.

I’m incredibly blessed to have opportunities and options, and I don’t have to choose only one at the expense of all the others. I have my whole life ahead of me, and I intend to pursue as many opportunities as I can while I have the time and the ability. I don’t think I could contain my life to chasing after only one thing when my heart contains so many dreams and so many passions.

I could give a million answers, but it ultimately comes down to this: For the rest of my life, the one thing I want to do is LIVE.

I want to use every moment to love, to sing, to write, to smile, to dance, to talk, to listen, to cry, to laugh, to celebrate, to bless the lives of others, and through it all, to glorify God.

If YOU could do one thing for the rest of YOUR life, what would it be?