Optimism is not a personality trait.

Optimism is not a personality trait. It is a choice. And disappointment is not a crippling injury. It is a stepping-stone.

For a long time, I believed that pessimism was something uncontrollable that is ingrained into a person. I thought it could not be reversed because it was simply a part of their being. But in reality, one’s reaction to everyday situations is a direct indication of their character. 

In the event of disappointment, the things that run through your head and flow out of your mouth are not a result of your genes, your upbringing, or the situation. Your reaction to disappointment depends solely upon YOU. 

Although we may not admit it to ourselves, our hearts most often want to choose negativity. We desire attention, and often that desire fuels a self-piteous reaction when we’re faced with something that doesn’t go our way. We want others to see how miserable we are because we have the ridiculous notion that spreading our misery to others will somehow make us feel better. But in fact, in our complaining, we only make ourselves more miserable and place burdens on those around us as well. When we allow negativity to overtake our thoughts, actions, and speech, we are essentially encouraging those around us to do the same.

If our hearts choose to hope, however, the ideas flowing through our minds and out of our mouths will inspire others to have hope as well. By being optimistic, we can prove to ourselves and to others that it is entirely possible to experience disappointment and heartbreak without allowing it to crush our spirit.

Does that mean we can’t be upset? No. Being optimistic doesn’t necessarily mean never shedding a tear. It does mean, however, that we must control every thought we have and force it to be bent toward hope, not toward despair.

Does that mean we can never let on when we’re upset by something? Do we have to hold it all inside ourselves? No. Friends exist to lend a listening ear, but we must be careful to be listeners as well, and not always speakers. Instead of wallowing endlessly in our current sorrows, we must learn to focus on how we will change our situation in the future. Instead of constantly bombarding friends with complaints disguised with claims such as, “I need your advice” or “I just need to vent,” we must learn to tell our dear friends about our disappointments while never losing sight of hope for a better situation in the future. If we wallow endlessly in our current sorrows instead of trying to discern how we will change our situation, we’re giving in to the very mindset that will be our own demise. We’re giving in to pessimism.

Is it easy to remain optimistic through every situation that comes our way? No, it’s not. But does anything worth accomplishing ever get done without an enormous amount of work and an irreplaceable determination?

I am determined to make a positive impact upon those around me, and in doing so, I know that I must remain optimistic through whatever may come.

I will not let failure define my outlook. I will not let disappointment crush me. I will not be ruined.


High Five for Friday 12.21.12

High Five for Friday is BAAAACCCKKKKK. Welcome 🙂

1. Last Saturday, Mom took me to a cute restaurant in Locust Grove that I didn’t know existed. They had some good food and a quaint little shop too.


2. I’m home, and it’s almost Christmas!


3. I’ve spent time this week with several people I haven’t seen in a while, mainly friends from high school and my grandparents. My PawPaw even took me to a feed and seed store that gets a TON of candy this time of year, and I loved exploring all their sweets (and their quilt patterns!). I’ve finally had time to slow down and enjoy the simple things.

4. On Wednesday I went to see Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes with Shelby and Alex. It was loud and fantastic. I’ll be writing out a full show review for it on my other blog soon!

Shelby all3 Alex



5. I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday, so I’m using my recovery time to do some crochet, watch country music videos, and anything else I don’t have time for when I’m on the run any other time. I’m also trying really hard to find hilarity in the crazy swollen shape of my face… hehe.