High Five for Friday 8.31.12

Time for a sporadic post! I’ve got to figure out a schedule for this blog. But it’s FRIDAY!!! So here’s the fun parts of this week.

1. I’m loving SAO recruitment. I’ve started to get to know some of the amazing girls coming as potential new members, and the whole process has also brought me closer to my sisters. I’m so very thankful for the sisterhood I’ve found through SAO.

2. I was so insanely productive this week. I sat in the dining hall a couple of days when I got out of class or off work, and I got so much done. I hope I can keep up this productivity streak even after I start my internship.

3. I went to Snelling (UGA’s 24 hour dining hall) last night intending to stay only for a few minutes, but a couple of friends found me and we talked about Jesus and I laughed until my stomach hurt. It was a rough day followed by the best night possible. I’m so thankful for friends.

4. Found these on some letters at work today. The fact that they exist makes me quite happy.

5. FOOTBALL. STARTS. TOMORROW. I’m so excited to scream my face off in support of my Dawgs. Time to tee it up between the hedges! SIC ‘EM! Also, I found out on the radio this morning that RUSS IS GOING TO BE AN UGA!!! He’s being promoted and he’ll be named Uga IX on September 15th. I just love Russ, but I could be a bit biased… 😉


High Five for Friday 8.10.12

Well, it’s been a chaotic, but productive week! I definitely have several highlights 🙂

1. Sunday and Monday morning I had housing training for my job in the Myers office. Training itself was okay, but I was so happy to see familiar UGA faces again! Ben decided we should have matching temporary tattoos…

2. I moved into my new home away from home on Monday! I’ve been unpacking and getting settled in all week, and I think I’m almost done. We painted our living room, so that will all come together soon, too!

3. Cali ‘n’ Tito’s. Two Story. Your Pie. I’m so thankful for the food I can eat in Athens.

4. Speaking of food, the newly renovated O House opened yesterday, and I went twice. IT’S SO NICE. It might even be my favorite dining hall now. I of course saw several people that I know while I was there, and that made me indescribably happy. Last night at dinner, Carlota and I met a pretty cool guy named Sam who just got home from studying abroad in Spain. Since all three of us at the table knew Spanish, we spoke all in Spanish and it turned out to be a really fun dinner time. I love making new friends 🙂

5. So tonight there’s a Phi Slam (Christian, alcohol-free) party, and it’s IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD! I’m sure I’ll run into people I know there, and it’s definitely a plus that I can walk there instead of dealing with the hassle of driving. I’m quite excited– first fun outing of the year!


High Five for Friday 8.3.12

Even though it’s technically Saturday morning, I’ll still consider this to be Friday. It’s been quite action packed, just like the rest of the week!

1. Yet again, I got to catch up with so many people from home this week. I’ve seen friends who have been scattered all over the place for most of the summer, and I also visited with my favorite teacher from high school and her family. I may get annoyed with it sometimes, but I guess the HCo will always be my home…

2. On Thursday I had a really productive day. I ran some errands and took care of things that needed to get done before I head back to Athens. Productivity and efficiency just makes me happy.

3. I GOT TO SEE VICTORIA TODAY. We went to Ikea and talked about life, and shopped of course. We’re on the same continent, in the same state, and today we were in the same store. And in a week we’ll be at the same school again. EXCITED!

4. I went to the Braves game with my family tonight! Love me some baseball. It was a good last celebration before school gets started up again. It was Star Wars night at Turner Field, and that of course only added to the entertainment of the evening. AND there were intense fireworks after the game. I’d call that a successful evening in the ATL.


5. After the aforementioned Braves game, we were stuck in the parking lot for quite some time. For those who don’t know, I write music from time to time. Although I’m not really that good at it, I did put my limited skills to good use while we were waiting. This could easily be the overall highlight of my week solely because we laughed until we cried while writing it. Click here to watch our performance inspired by rain and a parking lot, entitled “Drowned Rats.” Enjoy!