So, are you forever alone?

Ever seen this guy? He floats around on the web, and finds he’s especially prevalent on the Facebook profiles, Twitter feeds, and Tumblr pages of those who are single.

As you probably know, he’s called the “Forever Alone” guy, and chances are, you’ve had a friend or two who uses him to make a joke about how they can’t seem to find a significant other.

But this little Internet phenomenon has led me to see quite the massive discrepancy between being single and being alone.

Being alone means you have no romantic partner. It also means you have no friends, no family, no acquaintances, no relatively wholesome, healthy relationships in your life at all. Hmm. The last time I checked, I don’t know anyone who is completely and entirely isolated to the point of being 100% alone 24/7/365.

But being single? Being single means you don’t have a romantic partner. Period. The end.

Being single doesn’t mean you don’t have family and friends and satisfying relationships in your life. It doesn’t mean you’ve never made a personal connection in your life. And being single certainly does not mean that no one loves you.

Personally, I’ve been single for a while. I’ll be the first to admit that my self-pitying thoughts get the best of me from time to time, and I have the occasional wallow fest in which I question everything about myself, cry, and read Proverbs 31 and select passages of Jackie Kendall’s Lady In Waiting over and over (and over and over).

But when all is said and done, quite honestly, I’m not at all miserable being single. Why? Because I’ve realized that just because I’m single, that doesn’t mean I’m alone.

In fact, when I really stop and observe my life, I am FAR from being alone. I have a loving family who has always supported and loved me. I have friends who have become life family to me. And let me just be real here– if I weren’t single, I probably wouldn’t have near as much time to devote to all of those incredible relationships that I’ve been blessed with.

I know that the “Forever Alone” guy is not much more than a silly cartoon, but after a while, don’t you think his underlying notion of “I’m alone” will really start to take over the notion of “I’m single but I have people in my life”? When you really stop and consider how much words (and in this case, memes) can influence your perception, you start to see that words can distort your thoughts and direct them toward constant self-pity before you even realize it.

I can tell you one thing, you won’t be seeing the “Forever Alone” guy on any of my social media pages.

I’m too busy being single and blessed!

One thought on “So, are you forever alone?

  1. Amen to that, sister! Happiness and fulfillment definitely are not synonymous with a “taken” relationship status. Thanks for posting!

    And for the record “Forever Alone” guy has/will not come anywhere near my social media pages either 😉

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