High Five for Friday 4.27.12

Here ’tis! My top five for the week.

1. Last weekend was exactly what I needed. I spent the entire weekend with my family because we had Katy’s bridal shower on Sunday. I’m so glad I got to help put together the shower (seeing as how I have a love affair with planning), and also that I got to see the people I love for a while on the weekend. It was wonderful!

These pictures are just a few glimpses into the decorations and the actual shower. I loved every minute of it!

2. Keith Urban was inducted into the Opry last Saturday. I’m such a crazy country fan that I literally shed tears whenever he gave his acceptance speech. Before and after his induction, I watched him, Josh Turner, and Trace Adkins perform on the Opry live and pretended I was actually there. Since I don’t get the Great American Country channel here at school, I was so happy to get to watch the Opry for the first time in a while. Love it 🙂

3. On Tuesday I went to a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” themed party as an early birthday celebration for Katy. We ate breakfast foods, watched “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” of course, and goofed off and hung out. It was a wonderful way to start this week!

4. Traci asked me to do a photo shoot with her yesterday, so we went to the Founders’ Garden and she took lots of fun pictures. She’s a super awesome photographer and friend. I’m sure those pictures will appear on my blog at some point!!! Can’t wait to see them!

5. The dining halls were having a beach party dinner last night, so Shannon, Katie, Carlota and I went to all four dining halls in two hours. I learned that that’s apparently called a “food crawl.” We all ate at least something at each dining hall, and I know I ate SO much food last night. I think it was just one of those crazy weird college things that you have to do for kicks. We definitely had fun with it 🙂


High Five for Friday 4.20.12

HIGH FIVE! Why? Because it’s Friday, my friends!

1. I went to a tailgate and then to the G-Day game with Katie last Saturday! Food, football, and friends… I love being a Georgia Bulldawg.

2. I had the privilege of going to SAO’s Mother-Daughter Luncheon with my mom on Sunday! As a related side note, I was appointed as the new co-chair of the social committee for next semester!

3. This may seem trivial to some, but I’ve slept more this week than I have in a really long time. Sleep is always the first thing to go flying out the window when I get the least bit busy, and even though life has still been crazy, I’ve forced myself to get a relatively decent amount of sleep this week. That’s definitely a good thing.

4. I’ve started a list of things to do this summer. A few of the highlights are to write often, play the piano, and read books for pleasure. I’ll be adding to that as summer approaches, I’m sure.

5. I went to the rodeo last night! I ran into several people I knew, and I really enjoyed the whole night. I just love living in the South 🙂


Get out of your own way.

Who ever said you have to wait to live your dreams? What’s holding you back from living them now? Doubt? Fear? Stereotypes? Social norms? Your age?

I don’t know about you, but I have desires and passions in my heart that I want to chase. I could wait until someone notices me to chase them. I could wait until I’ve got a little hands-on experience. I could wait until I’ve earned a college degree. I could wait until I’ve worked my way up the corporate ladder and sufficiently padded my savings account and my resume. I could wait until I’m happily married and have a stable household in fifteen years.

But why? You and I were given this day for a reason. Why would we want to waste it wishing and pining and “preparing ourselves” to live out our wildest dreams when in reality, we could jump in with both feet and live it out RIGHT NOW? You don’t have to accomplish it all today, but who says you can’t at least take the first steps today? Right now? In this very moment!

Find out more about that job you want. Talk to that professor about the research you can’t find the funding for. Ask that girl if she has plans this Saturday night. Write that song, paint that picture, and submit that application.

What’s stopping you? Nothing and no one– except yourself. So get out of your own way and start living life as passionately as you can while you have the chance.

High Five for Friday 4.13.12

I realized about twenty minutes ago that today is Friday the 13th. But I’m 100% sure of the fact that this is going to be a good day, so don’t even throw superstition at me. Psh.

1. Campaigning is DONE! We find out results today at 4:30 PM, and I’m super stoked to see what happens. It’s bittersweet, though, because now I don’t have a weekly (or let’s be honest, daily) excuse to see all of the awesome people I’ve been working with. BUT as the high point, I now have a bunch of new cool people in my life, even if I don’t see them every day.

2. I signed up for the blogger Coffee Mug Swap at the Suzels Says blog, and I’m pretty excited about it! I’m not a pro blogger by any stretch, but hey, it’ll be fun to be linked up with someone else who’s into the blogging world!

3. On the note of coffee, I had an amazing late-night coffee chat with Vica. I’m so blessed to have found her here at school, and I’m proud to call her my best friend. I know we can talk about anything and everything together, and I know she’ll always be beside me as my sister in Christ. We of course went to Two-Story, and then we saw some friends on the way back to campus (she spotted them in a parking lot on the side of the road) so we pulled in and talked to them! I just continue to realize how blessed I am to be here and have the friends that I do. It’s overwhelming how blessed I am, really.

4. I’m going to Six Flags tonight! I think I’m excited! It’s been such a long week, so it should be great stress relief to scream my face off on some roller coasters. LET’S DO THIS!

5. I’m going to some sort of sporting event this weekend… I haven’t decided yet. I’ll either go to G-Day (UGA’s spring football scrimmage) or to a baseball game. I’m leaning toward G-Day because I MISS FOOTBALL SEASON SO MUCH. I never thought I would say that! Being a Bulldawg has changed me. I never used to care about football, but right now I can’t WAIT for football season next fall!


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Why reDefine?

Why reDefine?

I’ve been asked several times over the past few weeks why I chose to support and work on the reDefine campaign team, and the truth is, I don’t have enough words to begin to explain the countless reasons why.

But I’ll try.

It started with a small recruitment meeting. I went, I listened, and I loved what I heard. I knew I wanted to be a supporter if nothing else.

But God had a bigger plan.

You see, I’d been struggling with doubt and overwhelming feelings of inadequacy for quite a while. I’d been told “no” by several different organizations, and facing disappointment had made it incredibly difficult to remain positive. I was questioning whether I would ever get the opportunity to use my own skills, talents, and passions to make a positive impact on the world. I wanted so badly to do something that mattered, but it seemed that doors kept getting slammed in my face.

When I agreed to support the campaign, I had no idea what I was getting into. I had read over the platform and I loved what they were fighting for, but I didn’t know any of the candidates very well. I knew only one person who was already working on the team. But I received a phone call from Codie Haddon after I left the meeting, and he asked me to join as a staff member and help him out over the final month of campaigning.

Little did I know, that phone call was the divine intervention I’d been praying for.

The week following the phone call, I jumped in with both feet on the campaign. I was making phone calls, sending emails, and pouring my heart and soul into coordinating campaign activities. I was busy nearly all the time, but I loved every minute of it.

Just when I thought everything was looking up and I wouldn’t have to struggle with my doubt anymore, I received the biggest disappointment yet. After I’d thought my days of “no’s” were over, I was devastated with yet another one from something I had desperately wanted a “yes” from. I was beside myself; I don’t think anything has upset me that much in at least a few years.

Alex Hebdon, the vice presidential candidate on the reDefine ticket, knew I was disappointed. I don’t know how, but she knew I desperately needed a friend. She called me that Tuesday night and told me to take a break from whatever I was doing, and she took me to Yoforia. After a while, all of my rock-solid walls came down, and for hours on end, Alex listened to me cry and spill out the doubts I’d been trying to keep hidden. She listened, she encouraged, and most of all she was simply there.

There I was, an outsider who had only just joined her team a week ago. And yet, she was willing to give up an entire evening that she could’ve used to tackle some things on her never-ending to-do list just so she could help me realize that I didn’t have to be defined by the “no’s” I’d faced.

She cared about me as a person. A person—not an attribute to the team that could help her get elected, not as a freshman who could be an admirer to inflate her ego. As a person who needed another soul to stand by her.

As if that weren’t enough to make me believe I was finally in the right place, the weeks following only affirmed it more. I was given the opportunity to do more than I thought I could with my passion—planning. I have played a part in making a difference, even if it’s in a small way.

I’ve realized that their promises have been carried out before they’re even close to being in office. Just as they’ve promised to do so for the entire student body, they’ve given me a voice. They’ve given me a family of incredible relationships with candidates and fellow team members that I hope I never lose, and they’ll do the same thing within SGA should they be blessed with a victory in this election.

So, why reDefine? Because they’re not giving anyone lip service– it’s all real. Charles Hicks, Alex Hebdon, and Ellis Edwards are practicing what they preach in absolutely every aspect of their lives, and I can say the same for every single staff member on the team. The core of this campaign is not something that the candidates wrote up in hopes that it would sound good to students and win them some fancy titles. It’s the way they live their lives.

And for that reason, I will live by the standard of “#peoplenotpolitics” whether they win or lose, because it’s the least I can do to thank them for changing my life for the better.

High Five for Friday 4.6.12

WOOO HOOOO!!! It’s Friday! What a week it’s been!

1. Now that it’s out that reDefine is behind The Couch, I can share this picture and say that I’ve had yet another irreplaceably incredible week of being with the entire campaign team. I’m doing what I love to make a difference for something that matters, and it only fuels me to live passionately with every ounce of my being.

2. Don’t you love it when short car rides or quick dinners turn into long, deep, heart-baring conversations? That happened on multiple occasions this week with multiple people, and it was incredible. I’m so blessed by the people who are around me and the stories they share straight from their souls.

3. These past two or three weeks have probably been the most intense weeks I’ve experienced in a while. Possibly even ever. But the good news is, I took an accounting test last night, and that marked the end of my super-intense time. Now that academic stress is subsiding for a few weeks, I want to focus on people– my friends, my family, and those who I want to pour into while I have the chance.

4. I’M GOING TO MUSIC CITY BABY! For real this time. I’m going with my family to see Miranda Lambert, Chris Young, and Jerrod Niemann in May. I can’t think about it too much or tears of joy start to well up in my eyes and people think I’m a little crazy. 43 days and counting– and yes, I do have a countdown calendar going! As a somewhat related side note, I’m so very honored that my article on my Nashville dream was published in The Chapel Bell this week 🙂

5. As of yesterday, I’m going to be a member of the Georgia Recruitment Team for the 2012-2013 school year! After receiving that news, I immediately went outside and rang the chapel bell. I had friends who had been sitting on Herty Field, and they cheered me on as I pulled the rope. There were several tour groups of hopeful students sprinkled throughout North Campus at that moment, and I hope and pray that they witnessed firsthand the rich tradition that this school will always carry with pride as I rang that bell and laughed out of pure, unrestrained joy. It was one of the sweetest moments I’ve experienced in this wonderful place, and I know there will be many more to come!

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